Commissionaires Ottawa is an award-winning, private sector
market leader that specializes in providing full-scale security solutions.

Modern, innovative, sustainable.
What you don’t know about Commissionaires Ottawa will surprise you.

  • The average age of a modern-day commissionaire is in the mid-40s.
  • Commissionaires Ottawa provides much more than traditional security guard services such as: digital fingerprinting, pre-employment screening, criminal background checks, investigations, site inspections, threat risk assessments, non-core police services, security escorts, mobile alarm response, and more.
  • When you hire a commissionaire, you are doing business with a private sector, self-funded company.
  • Commissionaires Ottawa has won consecutive Consumer Choice Awards for business excellence as voted by Ottawa’s private sector business community, where commissionaires are emerging as a security services provider of choice.
  • Commissionaires Ottawa has, by far, the lowest employee turnover rate amongst all of its competitors, holding strong at less than 15%—offering clients a stable and reliable security presence. This is unmatched in the private security industry where some employee turnover rates are 60% or higher.
  • Commissionaires Ottawa has ALWAYS accommodated veterans who are recovering from injuries or conditions who need a safe, flexible and caring work environment with other veterans who can help support their healing journey.
  • Although its ‘bread and butter’ has traditionally been federal government contracts, the company’s market share in the private sector is growing steadily year after year. Over 25% of its contracts today were secured through a competitive bidding process.
  • Commissionaires Ottawa is very proud of its tradition, but it runs its company like a business. Particularly since 9/11, the company has diversified, expanded and innovated—and completely transformed itself in the process.
  • Commissionaires Ottawa chose a not-for-profit structure, which allows it to redirect over 95% of its revenues to employees in the form of industry-leading wages, benefits and training.
  • The Board of Directors and Governors are all volunteers. These include former Chiefs of the Defence Staff, RCMP Deputy Commissioners, high-ranking officers and decorated military personnel.

Our commitment to our clients and employees makes Commissionaires Ottawa second-to-none.

Commissionaires Ottawa has earned public recognition as a Market Leader, a repeat Consumer Choice Award winner and one of the largest private sector employers in the National Capital Region.

Thanks to the lowest turnover rate in the industry and our world-class training programs, our clients receive a consistent, reliable and stable security presence that is equipped to detect, deter or respond to post-9/11 security risks and threats.

Gone are the days when security guards were only assigned to watch elevators and doors.

Commissionaires Ottawa has innovated, diversified and expanded to meet a growing demand for more specialized security solutions such as digital fingerprinting, criminal record checks, non-core police services, workplace investigations, threat risk assessments, and more.

With cutting-edge technology at our fingertips and over 3,700 highly-trained professionals at your service, Commissionaires Ottawa has the expertise, experience and capacity to meet your ever-changing security requirements.