Commissionaires at Section 163 (Environment and Climate Change Canada, Gatineau) and Section 159 (PWGSC, Gatineau)

Great things happen when sections come together to contribute toward a great cause. Last year, we shared the news that Cmre Sylvain Lafontaine, Cmre Denise Benoit and Cmre Simon Poulin at Section 163 were the driving force behind a tradition of donating items for the past three years to a family in need. This year, commissionaires from Section 159 joined them to help spread even more cheer. Combined, Section 163 and Section 159 rallied together to donate gifts, food and cash to two single parents and three children totalling $755.00! They delivered the gift baskets just before Christmas. Bravo, Sections 163 and 159! Your gesture was generous and kind.

MWO Maurice Caron added, “One of the moms has twins and they gave us a very nice gift (a photo and thank you card). When the gift basket was delivered, the mother was very impressed because usually, other gift baskets are smaller and contain less food, gifts and money. You can only imagine the expression on her face—it was wonderful to see. The other mom gave me a big hug. We certainly made two families happier during the holiday season.”

Section 159

Section 163