Commissionaires Ottawa has innovated, diversified and expanded to meet a growing demand for more specialized security solutions. One of our fastest growing business lines is Identification Services—using digital fingerprinting to verify the identity of federal government contractors and federal government employees, as well as to perform criminal record checks required to process applications for employment, immigration, pardons, US Waivers, etc. We also have the expertise and experience to help protect people, property and information with pre-employment screening services, workplace investigations, security risk assessments, and more.


Ink to digital conversion also available

Pre-Employment Screening (HR)

References, employment history, credit

Criminal Record

Name and date of birth checks or fingerprinting

Workplace Investigations

Allegations of misconduct, harassment, etc.

Security Risk Assessments

Protect your business or public event

and Affidavits

Legally verify identity and validate sworn statements

Record Suspensions (Pardons)

Ready for a new chapter in your life?

US Entry

Have a record but need to enter the US?

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