Do you live outside of Canada and need fingerprints for an RCMP certified criminal background check?

Commissionaires provides an international fingerprinting service for an RCMP certified criminal record check. We offer digital conversion of ink fingerprints if you are applying for:

  • Canadian Citizenship
  • Permanent Residency
  • Foreign Employment
  • Foreign Education
  • An International Travel Visa

How does it work?

In the country outside of Canada where you are currently based, get your fingerprints taken at your nearest police station or accredited fingerprinting agency.

Ink fingerprints taken outside of Canada can be couriered to our Commissionaires Ottawa Headquarters for processing, at which time we will digitize them for direct, electronic submission to the RCMP.

For a faster turnaround, results from the RCMP certified criminal background check are mailed directly to Commissionaires and then couriered directly to you to save time and allow for document tracking.

What are the steps?

You have four international fingerprinting forms (PDF) to fill out which can be printed off all at once or you can print them off individually in these step-by-step instructions:

  • When getting your fingerprints taken at a police department or accredited agency outside of Canada, ask the fingerprinting agent sign to complete this one-page Form 1: ID Verification Form at the time of fingerprinting.
  • If the Form 1: ID Verification Form is not completed by the fingerprinting agent, you will need to obtain notarized copies of 2 pieces of government issued identification.
  • Next, complete this Form 2: Third Party Waiver Form.
  • Next, complete this Form 3: Cost and Payment Authorization Form indicating if a scanned copy of a certificate is required.
  • Check with the requesting agency (i.e. the agency that requires the RCMP accredited criminal record check) if authentication and legalization is required.
  • Include a passport photograph, if one is required on your police certificate.
  • Complete the Form 4: Shipping Address Form, which must include your phone or mobile number and email address.

Once all documents listed above are completed, please mail or courier the completed package to:

Commissionaires Ottawa
ATTN: International ID Services
24 Colonnade Road
Ottawa, ON K2E 7J6

Additional Services (if required)

  • A scanned and emailed copy of your certificate prior to mailing
  • Standard Authentication by Department of Foreign Affairs/Global Affairs
  • Document legalization by an embassy

Note: Almost ALL embassies require that certificates be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada before being legalized.

Acceptable Identification

Photocopies of both sides of TWO pieces of valid identification must be submitted with international fingerprints. Identification must bear name and date of birth and be government issued. At least ONE piece of must contain a photograph.

Note: Expired documents are not acceptable. Examples of identification which can be used:

  • Passport
  • Citizenship Card or Document
  • Immigration Document (i.e., Landing Papers)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Drivers Licence
  • Permanent Resident card or Record of Landing for Citizenship Applicants
  • International student card
  • Government ID card

Frequently Asked Questions

The process can take approximately three weeks to process, providing no convictions are found. If a conviction is found, processing time could exceed 120 days.
No. A vulnerable sector check can only be done from within Canada through a local police department. However, we can process a regular criminal background check in the meantime, if the requesting source will accept it.
Yes! Our costs do include the courier fees. You will not be charged separately for shipping.
No. We require the original fingerprints in order to digitize them. We cannot digitize scans.
Yes, we can digitize most forms from other countries.
Yes, we can. We use the services of a trusted local company and we can provide you with a customized quote for your needs.
We require either the verification of fingerprint authenticity form (Page 3) or certified or notarized copies of your ID (that’s an acceptable replacement if you cannot get this form signed). This is a RCMP requirement and without either of those the transaction cannot be completed.
When we ship your result to you, we will take a payment.

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