Threat Risk Assessments

When you need more than baseline security for an event or at your location, our security experts will identify threats, potential vulnerabilities and residual risks (i.e. threat risk assessments or security risk assessments).

Our highly-qualified security professionals are:

  • former military, RCMP or police personnel
  • screened and trained for their high ethical standards and adherence to a stringent code of conduct
  • specially trained in Harmonized Threat and Risk Assessment Methodology (HRTA) as developed by the RCMP, (this training is not usually available to the private sector but has been granted to Commissionaires)
  • experienced at recommending what may need to be added, removed or modified in order to help private or public sector clients achieve an acceptable level of risk

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Contractor Escort Services

Are you undergoing major construction or renovations? Are contractors needing to access your location after hours and on weekends? Are contractors and suppliers being monitored once they are granted access to your building? Is your construction or renovation project making you more vulnerable to thefts, trespassing and other security risks?

Commissionaires provides contractor escort services that allow businesses and organizations to focus on ensuring the success of their construction and renovation projects—without the interruptions that come with supervising the comings and goings of contractors, suppliers and unauthorized visitors.

When you want greater vigilance and protection, we also provide security risk assessments, internal/external mobile patrols and mobile alarm response.

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Special Event Security

Commissionaires Ottawa can provide professional, responsive and cost-effective security solutions for events of any size. Whether you need our services for a multi-day event or for just a few hours, Commissionaires Ottawa has the resources and the expertise to provide vigilant and professional support without overextending your budget.

Our commissionaires, many of whom have experience in law enforcement and the military, are trained beyond provincial security standards to identify potential threats, deter unwanted incidents and de-escalate unwanted behaviour. Commissionaires arrive at the event site fully briefed, professionally dressed and ready to perform their duties.

Special event services can include:

  • comprehensive Threat and Risk Assessments
  • 24-hour security support
  • traffic and parking control
  • mobile response teams

Commissionaires also provides security for at least 600 events per year, including:

  • Remembrance Day
  • Canada Army Run
  • The Canadian Bar Association Conference
  • The Canadian Medical Association Conference
  • Triathlon de Gatineau
  • National Capital Craft Beer Festival
  • Arnprior Fair
  • Relay for Life

We also provide security services for tribunals and boards, such as:

  • The Landlord and Tenant Board (commissionaires with Use of Force training)
  • The Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
  • Social Benefits Tribunal
  • The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

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Traffic and Parking Control

Whether it’s predicted or unexpected, traffic and parking congestion can raise driver frustrations and increase safety risks—particularly near schools, hospitals, seniors’ residences, transportation hubs, busy intersections and at major events.

Commissionaires will expertly guide motorists to improve and organize traffic flow. Commissionaires can also perform valet parking services—whether for VIPs or to maximize parking revenues in smaller or congested parking lots.

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Mobile Alarm Response

Our reliable, highly-trained response team, dispatchers and inspectors are available for our clients 24/7, 365 days per year. Our overall approach involves informing and working directly with our clients’ alarm monitoring company, list of contacts and other authorities. Our response times are about 30 minutes and a full incident report will be provided the next business day.

  • External alarm response patrol: Our alarm response security professional will locate the alarm area and assess what triggered it. A thorough search around the perimeter will then be conducted for evidence of visible damage or attempted break-ins. The licence plate numbers of nearby or suspicious vehicles will recorded.
  • Internal alarm response patrol: Our alarm response security professional will conduct a search inside the building for any signs of damage or intruders. In commercial buildings, we will identify all employees on the premises. Only when all patrols are complete will the site be cleared and considered secure.

Regardless of your mobile alarm response needs, Commissionaires will tailor our contract to ensure we deliver whatever level of response you require. We also provide security or threat risk assessment to identify and recommend solutions for potential vulnerabilities and residual risks.

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