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Across Canada, commissionaires are working with municipal police services, provincial police forces and the RCMP to provide the following services:

  • Fingerprinting and background screening
  • Parking and traffic control
  • Administrative duties/front counter presence
  • Crime scene security and evidence custody
  • Arrest and release processing
  • Detention services (care, control and transfer of citizens who are in custody)
  • Summons and subpoenas
  • Inventory control (vehicles, uniforms, computers, communications devices and a wide range of equipment)

Every year, smart planning and innovative thinking are transforming how police services are being delivered. By reassigning non-core policing and administrative tasks to commissionaires, this frees up highly-trained, elite police resources to focus more time on critical activities. This, in turn, reduces budget pressures—which is welcome news in a volatile world where core police resources are growing in demand.

The added benefit to hiring commissionaires for non-core tasks is that many of them are former military, RCMP or police officers of all ages, so they already have the discipline and experience to adapt to today’s police environment and work culture.

Commissionaires are also supporting in-house security teams in government buildings, military bases, international and local airports, and embassies around the world.

Testimonials from across Canada:

  • “Commissionaires were able to step in and meet our needs very quickly. Their training, experience and background are quite impressive—and a good fit for our work culture.”Wayne Plamondon, Manager, Support Services Branch, Abbotsford Police Department
  • “Commissionaires have high standards, being ex-military. They are meticulous, professional and thorough.”Annette Drost, Manager, Municipal Law Enforcements Services, City of London
  • “Having commissionaires readily available to work in so many areas saves us time and money.” — Superintendent Don MacLean, Executive Officer to the Chief of Police, Halifax Regional Police Service

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