Pre-employment Screening


Do you know who you are hiring? Protect your business and your people by outsourcing pre-employment screening to Commissionaires. We have the expertise and resources—security professionals with military, RCMP or police backgrounds—to investigate whether your job candidates are exactly who they say they are before you hire them.

Commissionaires is one of the very few private companies in Canada to offer digital fingerprinting, criminal background checks, reference and employment history checks, and credit record checks at the same location. Whether you require all or some of these background check services, using the same service provider will save you time, money and hassle.

We offer flexible billing methods, custom forms for your company’s needs, and various options for processing employee criminal background checks.

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Criminal Background Checks


The most convenient, most discrete and fastest way to conduct a criminal background check is through  our electronic criminal record check service—which can be accessed from home, the office, or anywhere with an Internet connection.

Contact us to set up an account that will enable you to invite job applicants, employees, contractors or other individuals being screened for criminal backgrounds to apply online. The results will be emailed directly to you within 24-48 hours.

Criminal background checks are just one way we help keep your business safe and secure.  Commissionaires also provides pre-employment screening services (i.e. certified criminal record checks with digital fingerprints, reference and employment history checks, and credit record checks), security risk assessments, workplace investigations, mobile alarm response, special event security, and more.

Commissionaires has been providing criminal background checks since 2006.

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Digital Fingerprints


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Digital fingerprints: powerful protection against crime

Fingerprints don’t lie: they are powerful allies in crime prevention because they alert employers about individuals who might pose a threat personally or professionally. Just as importantly, fingerprints protect model citizens by confirming their personal identity and law-abiding integrity. That’s why more and more industries are including digital fingerprinting in their employee screening processes.

All federal government contractors and federal government employees require digital fingerprints

As of February 1st, 2017, all federal government contractors and federal government employees who need a security clearance are required to obtain digital fingerprints. Every industry that does business with the federal government is subject to this change.

Are you a Company Security Officer (CSO) or hiring manager?

By setting up an account with Commissionaires, you’ll receive an email confirmation every time we process a Contract Security Program applicant’s fingerprints. Each confirmation email will include helpful information required for efficient and accurate input of personnel data to the Contract Security Program’s online industrial security services portal (OLISS).


  • Monitor the applicant’s progress virtually
  • Get notified when an applicant’s fingerprints have been taken
  • Receive OLISS-compatible data electronically
  • Save time with bulk billing and monthly invoicing

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Commissionaires are leaders in digital fingerprinting services

Demand for fingerprints has grown so much that last year alone that the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires, an active partner with the RCMP in the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification System since 2006, processed tens of thousands of civil fingerprint submissions nation-wide.

We are the trusted source for convenient, confidential service

All digital fingerprinting services are supervised by knowledgeable security professionals who will answer questions and help guide the process. Our service is recognized by local police departments and the Government of Canada. In order to prevent delays in completing your security clearance, make an appointment with us. We offer extended hours and weekend appointments.

At Commissionaires, we offer a confidential setting where individual rights and privacy are assured. For added convenience, we also offer a mobile service for government agencies and businesses—we can come to your location—for VIP or group processing.

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Threat Risk Assessments


Physical Security Survey

What physical measures do you have in place to protect your assets and personnel? Our Commissionaires analysts can conduct an extensive walk-through of your new or existing facilities, identify vulnerabilities that your assets and personnel may be exposed to, and recommend improvements.

  • Our analysts are trained to adhere to best practices and industry standards, including the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) methodology.

Threat Risk Assessments (TRA)

For a more in-depth analysis of the potential security risks to your organization, Commissionaires analysts can conduct a TRA.

  • Once the objectives and scope of the TRA project have been determined, our analysts will systematically identify—and quantify—the various risks and threats to your assets, systems and environment. Following the analysis, they will provide you with realistic and practical mitigation strategies.

All Commissionaires analysts have undergone specialized training in Harmonized Threat and Risk Assessment Methodology (HTRA).

Standard Operating Procedures (Post Orders)

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a detailed document that describes a security guard’s tasks and how to perform them to a consistent standard.

  • In addition to developing SOPs, our analysts can also review and update them.

More Information:

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Workplace Investigations


Need an Investigation?

Do you suspect wrongful, improper or unlawful conduct by one or more individuals? Do you need a corporate investigation? Has your organization been presented with an allegation or suspicion of wrongdoing?

We Investigate:

  • Abuse of disability and compensation benefits or insurance claims
  • Fraud, corruption, theft or negligence
  • Procedural misconduct
  • Workplace harassment or violence
  • Security investigations (e.g. security breaches)

Our professional investigators have extensive training and background in domestic and international policing as well as public and private sector investigations. They adhere to a strict code of conduct and are duly licensed by the governments of Ontario and Quebec.

Let us help you reach informed conclusions in a timely, thorough, cost-effective and proportionate manner.

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As an award-winning security solutions leader, our focus on hiring experts with military, RCMP and police backgrounds continues to strengthen our ability to innovate and diversify our services.

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